• English Language training

Professionals and companies  work in an increasingly global world where English is often the common language of communication. Meetings, negotiation, training courses, presentations, emails,  and conferences are often in English, and English is frequently the language of research studies and technical documents .

English Business & Training Services can help companies and professionals improve  English language skills, helping them to be more effective in business and professional  situations. Individual coaching, regular training for small groups in the workplace, or short training for groups focused on specific English skills required in the workplace are all ways to improve communication and help business productivity in the hectic business world.



  • English for medicine

Medical English for clinicians, nursing and related professions, laboratory and technical personnel. Regular courses in the workplace or specific short courses in response to identified language needs.

Preparation and proof reading of medical documents, reports and studies.

IELTS and OET exam training.

Specialist support and training for bilingual courses (CLIL).



  • Translation, proof-reading and text improvement

Professional  English business support services  available to assist business professionals and companies with daily business activities.

Translating documents, websites and publications in to English is often only the first step, as your business message may not be communicated in the most effective way. The proof-reading and text improvement service offered can transform your website and documents  and give you professional, high quality and effective documents which reflect the quality of your business.