IMG_6677 Confidence is key to effective language use. Training and coaching focusing on your individual language needs and goals help to increase confidence, improve  English skills  and make progress quickly – helping you to use your English effectively when you need to.

All levels of training offered, from beginner to advanced, for individuals and groups. English for specific purposes, including English for medicine and Business English, as well as general English. English for academic purposes helps students studying in Switzerland or in English speaking countries  analyse and write academic texts in English.

Whatever your goal, the training  focuses on your situation and individual  requirements – no matter if you have an important event or presentation in English,  or need to understand and speak English regularly for work or studies, or if your goal is to  improve your English for holidays and travel.

Teacher Training and Support
Workshops for English teachers wanting to bring new ideas into their work and help  learners make faster progress.
Special training and support for teachers working with bilingual courses (CLIL).